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30 Days of Self Care Rituals

What would your life be like if you committed to 30 days of self care rituals?

When life is busy, it can be hard to set aside time for yourself. We often have to choose: sleep or laundry, respond to those emails or listen to your partner. When time feels scarce, we feel as if we have lost control and we have to do more in order to get it back.

This is the false trap that we so easily fall into. The reality is, when you make time for yourself, everything else flows smoother. Just like you can't drive your car on an empty tank, if you aren't taking care of yourself there's little you can do for others.

But getting started can be tough, and accountability is key to making any new habit stick, so let's do it together!

Join me on a 30-day journey to self discovery and see what happens for you! We'll kick off with a virtual workshop where I will guide you through how to create a morning & evening ritual. I will introduce you to products and practices inspired by the ancient teachings of Ayurveda, allowing you to curate modern-day rituals that work for you. Over the next 30 days, we will practice together, supporting one another in this online community and sharing what is revealed through deepening your connection to your self.

This workshop is designed in partnership with beauty & wellness company, Arbonne. The workshop is $15 to attend, submit funds to to reserve your space.

A wellness profile + link to participate will be sent to you the week prior to the event.

Later Event: May 5
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